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We specialize in corporate background & due diligence investigations.

Who We Are

Vetting Pros, as a division of Shannon Tulloss Investigations, is dedicated to providing tailored backgrounding services to a diverse customer base. We offer comprehensive background investigations for the entertainment industry, diligent employee and executive background investigations. Vetting Pros also specializes in vetting sweepstakes contestants and event finalists to verify their identity and personal history.
Our goal is to provide our clients  with the most up-to-date information to allow them make informed decisions during the process of entering financial, or personal agreements that could potentially harm the safety, security, or financial stability of those they represent.

Background Investigations

We offer complete background investigation services that encompass civil and criminal record investigations across the United States.

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Internal Corporate Investigations

Our professional investigators advise companies with compliance programs to minimize risk and liability issues across a corporation as a whole. 

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Due Diligence Investigations

Designed to assess the risks before entering a substantial financial agreement, our due diligence investigations provide you with a full report of findings. 

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Member and District Governor of CALI

Client Testimonials

We retained Vetting Pros to background our large group of finalists for a nationwide promotion. They somehow found out all kinds of specifics from hidden social media accounts that we would have never found ourselves. Of course, we wanted to avoid the finalists that had sordid preferences in their public social media. We narrowly missed some unwanted attention from the media because of Vetting Pros.

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