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What is Vetting?

sweepstakesAt Vetting Pros, we have streamlined the vetting and screening process down to a science. We are aware that every sweepstakes, contest or promotion has a timetable and budget that must be met. We have assisted our clients with their nationwide and local contests successfully and we are accustomed to working under and meeting any deadlines. We pride ourselves on providing accurate, defensible results within any budget.

What is Vetting?

Vetting is a modified background check. Often, our clients are interested in certain aspects of an individual’s background. For example, our client may be interested in confirming a loss of a job, a death, foreclosure, illness, or any number of other topics often requested as a basis for entry into a contest. We combine the background screening process with additional fact finding and confirmation so our clients are certain that the campaign’s contingencies are met with certainty and assurance. We help assure that our client’s have met their due diligence obligations, avoid bad press and protect their brand’s image.

How do we do it?  We are experts at searching the “Deep Web”.  We sift through millions of data streams available on the web including hidden social media which provides a more honest snapshot of your subject.  This style of intelligence gathering often produces more informative insight than any criminal or civil check.  We also utilize our network of resources nationwide and internationally to research your subject at the courthouse level and gather any pertinent records relating to your finalist.  This is no database “printout” from any of the publicly available online vendors.  We don’t use them – and neither should you.

We belong to many earned access and credential-based data providers that only licensed private investigators and some law enforcement are allowed access to.  Trust us.  These are the best available resources that provide up to the second current data that no online publically available database can touch.

It is our only objective to provide you with a concise and reliable snapshot of your finalists so that you may proceed with the successful completion of your campaign confidently and on schedule.

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We retained Vetting Pros to background our large group of finalists for a nationwide promotion. They somehow found out all kinds of specifics from hidden social media accounts that we would have never found ourselves. Of course, we wanted to avoid the finalists that had sordid preferences in their public social media. We narrowly missed some unwanted attention from the media because of Vetting Pros.

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