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Who Hires Vetting Pro’s?

Clients Seeking Advice on Possible Services

Our initial consultation is free. We speak with potential clients in order to help them determine which service is the one they truly need, if any. We have over 25 years of experience in our industry. We handle cases for the entertainment industry. Often times our clients believe they are in need of a specific service, but after talking with us – in person or over the phone – we point out potentially damaging scenarios that they may not be aware of.  Then, we tailor an investigative path that will lead them to the answers they need while respecting any budget.

Other times we find that our client’s don’t need the services that they think they need, and instead, help them save hundreds or thousands of dollars that other PI Companies would happily charge them. We work with the Entertainment Industry, and unlike other Private Investigative agencies, we know the risks associated with privacy. Especially with the privacy of well known personalities. At Shannon Tulloss Investigations, you can rest assured that your privacy will never be compromised. We have over 25 years of service on the line.

Companies Seeking Screening and Background Services for Contests, Sweepstakes and Promotions

Our clients hire us to conduct background services on subjects of interest. We have streamlined the vetting and screening process down to a science.  We are aware that every sweepstakes, contest or promotion has a timetable and budget that must be met. We have assisted our clients with their nationwide and local contests successfully and we are accustomed to working under and meeting any deadlines. We pride ourselves on providing accurate results within any budget.

Our modified background check – better known as Vetting is used by clients that are interested in certain aspects of an individual’s background. For example, our client may be interested in confirming a loss of a job, a death, foreclosure, illness, or any number of other topics often requested as a basis for entry into a contest.  We combine the background screening process with additional fact finding and confirmation so our clients are certain that the campaign’s contingencies are met with certainty and assurance.  We help assure that our client’s have met their due diligence obligations, avoid bad press and protect their brand’s image.

How do we do this?  We are experts in “Deep web” searching techniques. We artfully sift useful information regarding your finalists from millions of online sources, including hidden social media that no “instant desktop database search” result can possibly equal.

Why do they hire us? To avoid mishaps. We run specialized checks on potential finalists or talent about to be featured in a promotion of any kind.  These promotions are usually life-changing for the participant and can provide fantastic positive press for the brand that can’t be replicated in another venue.  It’s usually a win-win for everyone concerned.  However, the past has shown us that to merely run a “nationwide criminal check” or a GOOGLE check on the individuals has backfired on the promoter, causing them at the least a legal headache and potentially a legal nightmare.  We help our clients avoid legal drama. Period. We prefer to win the fight by maneuvering our clients strategically around potential battlefields all together. Good deeds often times go unnoticed, mishaps go viral overnight.